I am a Visual Arts student at Deakin University, studying at the Waterfront Campus in Geelong, Australia.

This unit, Visual Culture: Images, Meaning and Contexts,  continues to demystify how we make meaning from visual images, and how images can be used to manipulate the perceptions, beliefs and behaviours of others.

The images below show how changes in weather and time of day can change the mood of an image.  This view is that seen from Rippleside looking north across Corio Bay.

The Header images

These display randomly.

Two are two colourways of a fractal image, designed in the simple fractal maker Tierazon.  150614-7

Fractals are something I wish to explore further in my art work.

The waterlily images is from a photograph taken on the Barwon River Geelong, near Queens Park.  140120 Waterlilies Barwon_0034acr editweb

header images from vis culture blog_0005
Image source: http://visualcultureblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/17_o.jpg

The bright coloured ‘fashion’ image is a crop from a photographed of models.

The photograph of an aging man sitting in anguish shows that images can convey emotion, and comes from an image in Marco Bohr’s Visual Culture Blog. 

The use of art imagery, nature photography, photojournalism and pop-culture/advertising image shows that, while some imagery is deliberately manipulative, imagery can also have a purely aesthetic appeal, or appeal to memory.


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