Ideas for art works and activities

1. Cartoon – The adoration of the Magi – Tony Abbott worshipping THE ECONOMY , while standing on Australia, which is held up by the Australian people.

Activity 1 –

ACTIVITY ONE: Draw from the readings and material covered in class to create a digital or traditional collage that reflects your understanding of what visual culture is/can be

  • eyes – many different eyes – (maybe a gif or other animation) – as they progress – they expand till there is just one eye, and finally just the iris and pupil – with images appearing within the pupil – finally – the image changes – same image maybe – but different perspective – or appropriation of the one image – or crops of various parts of the image to simulate the eye’s path throught the image.

Major Project – The New Wilderness Installation

Symbolic object – the tent

Ideas for the tent

  • – images of tents throughout history and culture – projected, or printed and overlaid on the space/floor –
  • Tents of the future – what would they look like
  • What have tents been used for throughout history.
  • Images of tents from different eras and cultures – projected from the inside onto the side/roof of a tent so they become visible from the outside.
  • Traditional and non-traditional tents – e.g. teepee, tent dress, army-style tent, – models or full-sized replicas, or pictures.   Image source:

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