Political campaign posters

Target audience:

  • wider rabbit population – who want more carrots and fresh greens.

The politician poster –

Peter image

  • shot from below to give the figure a sense of authority
  • Green clothing – to accentuate our love of greens and the environment
  • Reading – well, that’s what the figurine was doing – but gives the impression of Peter’s education, and also that Peter will listen to you and your ideas.
  • Orange background – the colour is carrot hue (and a good foil for the green)

The manifesto poster

  • Carrot Chompers Congress – catchy name which aligns to rabbit philosophy
  • Allusions to Australian Liberals campaign of 2012 – Axe the tax, (but carrots are good, whereas CO2 is bad), “Stop the Boats” becomes “Stop the Goats” (who also eat carrots and take up our land)
  • More carrots – alludes to Abbott’s belief that coal is good for our economy and his party’s skepticism about climate change.  (This was written before the Turnbull take-over.)