Refugees – boat people – migrants – illegals?

Marco Bohr eloquently shows that the crisis of 60 million refugees world wide cannot be solved by hiding or renaming it. We don’t see images like this in Australia – because the asylum seekers who come here by boat are not allowed to be shown.   The government knows the power of images to debunk their … More Refugees – boat people – migrants – illegals?

Visual Culture

“we are defining visual culture as the shared practice of a group, community, or society through which meanings are made out of the visual, aural, and textual world or representations and the ways that looking practices are engaged in symbolic and communicative activities.”  Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright. Marita Sturken & Lisa Cartwright, Practices of … More Visual Culture

Pictures are a vital tool in righting social wrongs

Trickle down of wealth is a myth…  The rich just keep getting richer! “The trickle-down effect meanwhile is exposed as a myth: what is occurring instead is a tremendous transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich.”  Marco Bohr, Visual Culture Blog 2014 From an essay “The death of Neo-Liberalism” … More Pictures are a vital tool in righting social wrongs