Week 3

North Korean propaganda, http://justinwateridge.com/North%20Korean%20billboard%202.JPG

Week 3 lecture notes 30/7/15

Recap of Berger

  • The purpose and definition of visual art changes over time
    • g. cave art – representation for the first (recorded) time – purpose – we don’t know but can surmise it might be to assist with hunting, to record hunts and for religion
    • Propaganda – e.g. ancient Persia (the image of Alexander on coins), Napoleon, Nazi Germany, Communist states in Russia, China, North Korea – strong men and women, also huge ceremonies and buildings to belittle the individual and make the regime appear all-encompassing – spectacle – to dissuade rebellion. (Hitler – the state as perfection – the Aryan as perfect (only) human. Marginalisation of others – e.g. Jews/gypsies/homosexuals.)
Nazi anti-American propaganda http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j212/jeffwelborn/CAP_POSTER.jpg

Soviet Russian poster http://www.sovietposters.com/posters/sovpolpost_00106.jpg

  • Advertisements – are propaganda – the aim is to make people feel a need – to destabilise the individual – e.g. the makeup.
  • Currently- some art has an anti-aesthetic – may be negated by those who see art as ‘beautiful pictures’ – VC helps to give people the tools to decipher modern art.

Assessment – at end of week 4 –

Visual Culture – collage to demonstrate VC

What is Art? – written task –

Danto – “Art is dead” implication – everything has now been done – since Post-modernism

Berger – watch – Publicity –

Also there are notes on Berger – for and against – on the internet (also Library search) – some theorists are coming back to Berger’s point of view.

Artist – Orlan – surgically manipulates her own body – in line with some of the conventions of the community.

Discussion of the ‘modern beautiful woman stereotype’ – is there one for men? Group feel this is so. Fit, muscles, no fat, clean, shiny skin, tall, dark, handsome? These are the go for advertising.

Trend is also the way – there are now trend sites on the internet – to show the way things are trending – from food, to faces, cars to technology.

e.g. a strict Jewish cult where the people live a secluded life – those who leave have no way how to survive in mainstream society.

All activities and questions on cloud are not mandatory.



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