Week 9 – exhibition preparation

Note – Final week – excursion – TV Moore – Acca – 3pm on Thursday 1st October. (handout with details)

Also handout – Final outline of assessment for the unit. & Assessment rubric

There is a balance of theoretical and practical activities

Summary of assessment/course

What is art? What are its purposes? How it expresses cultural narratives – e.g. religious art to support the maintenance of the tenets of the religion in non-literate societies; political campaigns – images of rulers on coinage everywhere in the Roman empire, stage-managed US Presidential campaigns, Nazi/communist manipulation of imagery, buildings

Exhibition – 5:30 to 7:30pm.


Food – Merinda will get water,

Signs – condition of entry that people may be photographed for publicity – if you don’t want this tell the photographer/get out of the shot. – Merinda

Poster – Ella (2014 EEA212 student) – has modified last year’s poster. (for distribution as hard copies and through email, social media etc.) – paste-up on the building (front partition in the main room).

Deakin Facebook page – get this out – Michelle Hope?

Invitations – everyone to invite friends –

Helen to do time lapse – of setup and the show.

ON the day – take note of what people are doing/saying – photographs for documentation

Be thinking of how to get the visitors participating – e.g. through the big board game –

Tent spaces

North Room

Eco- space – two tents – north room – south-east corner – greenery/community garden

Liz – one tent – northern room – Merinda to fill with helium balloons?

Mel – Front near door (1 suspended tent)

Helen – Front – northern wall – tent with projection

Main Room

Newspaper headline activity – front area behind and in front of partition

Coby? Rear – suspended tent with sinkers – why are people leaving/staying in Geelong

Urban Walk –– recap on last week’s silent walk – talking about how the mundane in our lives can become extraordinary if we allow it to.

Helen – email the group photos from last week’s walk.

Discussing how people use spaces. Walk through the exhibition space – come back and discuss.